Today, an ONLINE PRESENCE is not only part of a good corporate identity, but an absolute NECESSITY and life-blood of the modern business!

Through research, insight and design, I craft identities and experiences that define brands. My job is to bring your ideas to life...

The finest, melt-in-your-mouth fudge you’ll ever eat...

About Me

Heavy metal junkie, INTJ, coffee addict, nature enthusiast, animal lover and proud pixel pusher. Creating design experiences that go beyond ideas. My ambition is to save the world from bad design. I use style and creativity to express my ideas through composition. I'm an award-winning designer raised & currently living Pretoria. I avoid clowns - seriously - I want to high five a clown... with a chair... in the face. I don’t eat raisins and have a strong aversion to balloons. Like Dali, I also believe that: “Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.”

Creating the WOW factor is a very conscious part of my work. And when I get it right, you’ll see that you’re way cooler than you think.


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