“The Beast Within”

In man’s deepest primal blueprint
In your darkest hollows without wind
Where the galaxy of your thoughts reside
And echoes of your soul collide
In empty shadows lurk a beast
Who upon your fear does feast

Golden eyes slyly glistening
Pointed ears always listening
The beast within who feeds your sin
It’s nature and your doubts akin
Invisibly growing like a tree
Feeding on your pain and glee

Silent until one desperate day
When your inner castle turns to clay
From wailing shadows it will rise
Feeding on your heart’s demise
The beast within will take control
Like a marionette you will be its doll
As below, so above
Destroying everything you love

Author: Lourens Wessels


“Indecorous Dreams”

Elysian temptations mocking me
Indecent thoughts set me free
Finding pleasure in unusual day dreams
Nails digging into moral seams

Perversions of a different kind
Fish-netting the innocence in my mind
Domination of a crumbling will
Forcing down an unmatched thrill

Biting hard on lustful lips
I run my hands down your hips
Shameless you stand facing me
Presenting yourself beautifully

Acting with pure veracity
We unite in sinful synchronicity
Impulse of flesh and mind
Leaving modest and mundane behind

Author: Lourens Wessels

A Cut Of Red!

(The Masaai & Himba Collections)

“The Seeker”

Staring into empty spaces
A memory filled with unknown places
Projected truth laid bare to see
A basic concept presented to me

Void the link between body and mind
Distance yourself from your own kind
Afloat in the plasma of realisation
Seeking for a meaningful destination

Shaken by the frailty of your own truth
A misconception of tainted youth
Contemplate the overbearing weight of lies
Of hidden truths in sheep disguise

Seeking meaning that was never there
Finding answers in a full moon’s glare
Rows of masks float in your heart
Slowly ripping your soul apart

Author: Lourens Wessels